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African Development Bank (AfDB) Finances Feasibility Studies for Building Dams in the Kingdom

The African Development Bank (AfDB) is funding feasibility studies for implementing Eswatini’s Mkondvo-Ngwavuma Water Resources Enhancement Programme (MNWAP), amounting to about US$ 1.67 million. The latter is also a part of the 2016 Eswatini National Water Resources Management Master Plan, which has identified target sites for constructing various dams.

The program also aims to facilitate dam construction in the African kingdom, such as the Ethemba Dam. Most notably, the Mahamba Gorge, which is geographically a deep fissure in the rocky ridge dotted with aloe.

Moreover, the program also aims to increase food security, reduce poverty, increase resilience against climate change, and support irrigation growth infrastructure.

 Aims and Objectives of the Project

Both the Ethemba dams and Mahamba Gorge will be constructed on the Mkhondvo River. The water stored in these reservoirs will be relocated to the Ngwavuma River.

The program will also provide finance to help conduct feasibility studies for constructing the Mpakeni Dam on the Ngwavuma River for irrigating downstream areas.

Moreover, financial support will also help develop detailed plans and tender papers for the new dams and implement the water supply system for downstream irrigation. The program will also help mobilize resources to build dams and subsequent water supply systems via a detailed consultation with investors.



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