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GoParity to Co-finance Off-Grid Solar Power Plant at Siteki Hospital

Portugal-based GoParity Impact Investment Platform has announced the co-finance of a solar photovoltaic power plant at the Good Shepherd Mission Hospital in Siteki, Eswatini, capital of the Lubombo district. The project, known as SolarWood Hospital, will allow the hospital to become increasingly self-sufficient in electricity generation and become less dependent on the domestic electricity grid. […]

African Development Bank (AfDB) Finances Feasibility Studies for Building Dams in the Kingdom

The African Development Bank (AfDB) is funding feasibility studies for implementing Eswatini’s Mkondvo-Ngwavuma Water Resources Enhancement Programme (MNWAP), amounting to about US$ 1.67 million. The latter is also a part of the 2016 Eswatini National Water Resources Management Master Plan, which has identified target sites for constructing various dams. The program also aims to facilitate […]