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Clean Your Computer Like A Pro

Clean Your Computer Like A Pro


In Swaziland computers are an essential technology used in many forms by everyone in this era. But most computers are mistreated and not maintained until they stop performing. Cleaning laptops or desktops is an alien term for many, as in this busy routine, people do not have time to clean these gadgets; they use them daily but never realize that cleaning these devices increases their performance many folds.

People currently work on a” set and forget it” approach. In this article, we will be discussing some tips that can help you deep cleanse your computers.

Exterior cleaning

The exterior of a computer is mostly more accessible for cleaning with dusters. Still, many feather dusters can leave their residues on the parts of your computer, mostly near ports and vents you may find dust pools; a simple solution for this is to use a microfiber cleaning cloth, the fabric can suck dust particles, in some cases a good wipe can do wonders. At the same time, oil stains on computer screens or other parts can be cleaned by rubbing alcohol.

Computer Screens and Monitors

Computer screens and monitors are prone to a lot of fingerprints and smudges. And this problem can be solved by adding a screen protector to your screens or cleaning it regularly with a dry microfiber cloth. Moreover, many cleaning sprays are available nowadays that are specially designed for computer screens.

Interior cleaning

Air that passes through the system for the cooling purpose may cause tiny dust particles to assemble on the internal parts of the computer, by the passing time, the interior of the computers also gets quite dusty and dirty. Too much dirt in the fans and vents can lead to overheating. So to track the internal temperature of the various components, free software like HWMonitor From CPUID can prove helpful.

Desktop interiors can be cleaned using compressed air dusters that can easily clear out dust stocks. The same goes for notebooks and laptops as they are difficult to open up; air puffs from vents and near ports can make internal cleansing convenient.

Mouse and Keyboard

Dust and small debris between the keys can be cleared out using air dusters; the same goes for crannies and nooks on a computer mouse. Oil stains can be removed by using a tiny amount of rubbing alcohol to a microfiber cloth and cleaning the surface of keyboards and mice. In some keyboards, keys can be removed, and allows you to clean it properly

Cleaning your computers regularly will increase their performance, and it’s also good for your health. A clean surface will never make you feel sick. A fresh start every day with a nicely cleaned computer increases your performance too.



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